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Lightroom Photo Editing Tutorial Step-by-step Tips [2024]

Lightroom Photo Editing

Making wonderful photos using Lightroom Photo editing tools has been a great discussion. In this article, we will discuss how to edit photos by effectively using Adobe Lightroom. Lightroom Photo Editing is one of the most used photo editing applications as well as video editing software. You can edit photos by using this software through application tools as well as online tools provided by Adobe in the form of Lightroom. 

Lightroom photo editing skills can be implemented easily. It is such a type of application that can be used by not only professionals but also beginners. It is one of the quality works from the Lightroom development team that they bring this application more easily and smoothly. 

If you are searching for some easy ways for Lightroom Photo editing then you have landed in the right place. Lightroom provides you with some wonderful and easy steps by which you can make pretty images. It increases the quality of your photos by putting some autonomic effects as well. 

Why Lightroom Photo Editing?

Adobe Lightroom is one of the advanced photo editing software that brings such premium tools that enable users to make some wonderful clicks.  It is a cloud-based editing application that keeps the editing stuff very safe and wonderfully. That is why, you can get access to it on any device at any time. In this way, it brings some ideal editing process which puts more adventure to your work. 

Lightroom also brings a variety of features and tools that create more fields for its users to make some awesome results as well. There are two versions of Lightroom; Lightroom Classic and Adobe Lightroom. Lightroom Classic is eventually the perfect application for editing photos on a PC. It stores data in your local hard. Adobe Lightroom, on the other hand, can be used on Mobile, PC, and iOS devices which keeps your data in the cloud. 

How to edit Photos by using Adobe Lightroom?

Due to cloud base system of Lightroom, you can perform Lightroom photo editing phenomenon at any device. As a professional photo editor, you should have to capture your photo by using smart cameras. It is very important to count the role of your phone’s camera. Having more clear and wonderful photos results in the best output.

So, to edit your photos in Lightroom, you should follow these few easy steps as well;

Step 1: Set Your Photo

It is the first step to perform while Lightroom photo editing process. You should open the Lightroom application (if not downloaded, get it from our site www.lrmodapks.com). Open it and import the picture you want to edit. Make sure, you are going to edit only one picture at a time.  Before, importing your photo into Lightroom, you can also make some changes like cropping, resizing, and color or exposure adjustments. The use of a healing brush can make some magnificent changes like hiding black spots, etc. 

Step 2: Use of Presets [Optional]

Adobe Lightroom also brings some wonderful pre-designed presets that play a key role in your editing process. These pre-made presets are set to get some wonderful results. There are hundreds of choices for you to select any presets to get results according to your interest. But in the Lightroom photo editing process, this step can be optional. It depends upon you whether you make use of it or not. 

Step 3:  Fix Pic Exposures

The exposure or brightness of any picture matters a lot. It is always better to use an accurate level of brightness. Having too much brightness also creates dull results. So, there is a need to select an accurate value for brightness slider level. I always use values between +.5 to +1.0. These values create some better results as well. 

Step 4: Highlights & Shadows

It has been a great experience for me to bring the highlights of your photos typically less value. But you can adjust these values as you suit better. To slightly increase in the contrast, it has been always a good result as well. You can also don’t touch these things if you gonna perfect without these values. 

Whereas, a few necessary changes in the white and black of your picture also matter a lot. Bring some positive increase in the whiteness of your picture and devalue the black spots. These few changes will bring some wonderful results as well. 

Step 5: Fix Colors

Selection between different colors matters a lot. A suitable pickup of color brings some wonderful results as well. Adobe Lightroom’s photo editing process also enables users to try different types of color combinations. These colors add beauty to your projects. There is a color tab on the bottom part of your Lightroom editing module. By using the B&W button, you can put the effect of white and black into your picture. 

You can also mix the color tool to adjust some new changes like the hue, saturation, and luminance of each color within the photo. For example, if you have selected a blue color, you can also fix these blue tones within the photo. White color balance is also important. Make sure to have a balance between these fixtures. 

Step 6: Edit Effects

The use of effects and filters has had a great impact on your photos and videos. You can try different types of filters and effects. But try to use a good combination of these effects with your photos.

Grain: You can put some grain and film look into your picture then make use of grain slider. Lightroom photo editing also enables you to fix these grains through different sliders.

Vignetting: You can make dark or white the edges of your photo by using vignetting. 

Dehaze:  It is the effect of reducing haze in your picture and increasing smoothness as well.

Detail Slider: If you find some faults in these effects then you can make use of this detailed slider to make some extra more accurate changes. It will create some balance between these values. 

Step 7: Share and Export

When you find that your project is fully done then make a review. Lightroom photo editing process should be so accurate to get some extraordinary results. Now, you can export your photo from Adobe Lightroom.  You can also share these photos to post on any social media profile. 


We hope this article will help you to put great effort into Lightroom photo editing steps. Follow the above easy and smooth tips to make better use of the editing process in Lightroom. You can edit your projects without any tension or loss in your work as it brings a non-destructive editing process. In this way, you can boost your creativity and precision while editing photos in Lightroom.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the use of Lightroom Photo Editing is safe and secure and users can edit their images in an easy way.

Yes, You can edit your videos as well images by using the Adobe Lightroom. It is the most used video editing and Photo Editing Software.

The use of Lightroom Editror is so easy that everyone can edit their images and videos with it. Also we guide our users step by step to edit their images and videos.

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