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Lightroom VS Photoshop

Lightroom VS PhotoShop

Lightroom vs Photoshop has been a great confusion for better photo editing software ahead of these two editors. Adobe develops both of these tools which is a big software brand. Both of these tools are widely used for photo editing purposes. In this article, we will discuss both of these photo editors, their features, and their pros and cons. We will try our best to convey a better experience among these photo editors, Lightroom vs Photoshop so that you can make your decision better sorted out. 

Nowadays, photo and video editing has gained huge fame due to the fame of social media and other famous platforms. People use different types of photo and video editors to fulfill their projects. Lightroom and Photoshop comparison has also remained one of the big contradictions among several photographers. Although everyone has their preferences there are some key differences between both of these photo editors. Every photo editor has its unique features but the main purpose remains the same which is improving photos’ quality and outlook. 

So, many new photographers remain confused when choosing the best photo editor between Lightroom vs Photoshop and have a hard time choosing one of them. Here, we will thoroughly discuss these photo editors so that you can easily make a better decision. 

What is Adobe Lightroom?

In this comparison of Lightroom vs Photoshop, it is one of the widely used photo editors with non-destructive photo editing capability with intelligent editing tools such as improving image quality as well. Lightroom was mainly developed by Adobe in 2006, which is one of the branded software companies. Lightroom is still considered one of the most used and top photo editors as well. It is mainly used to improve the outlook of images captured by digital cameras including RAW images.

You can make superb and classic images by using Adobe Lightroom. There are several limitless photo editing features in Lightroom which make it unique among other photo editing software as well. Several features and tools are not dramatic like Photoshop which puts more uniqueness in Lightroom. However, these tools can be more costly rather than Photoshop. Lightroom also stores all changes and files during your editing. In this way, you can easily back up any design or file due to this feature, which is known as a “Non-destructive” photo editor.  

There are two versions of this software, Lightroom Classic and Lightroom formerly known as Lightroom CC. Lightroom Classic is the latest version of this software which several photographers mainly use. It is more simple having an easy interface. Its features are enough to make a wonderful and awesome photo. But its features get limits rather than Lightroom CC. It is a traditional photo editor which is highly used by professional photo editors.  It is usually used for complex editing activities as well. 

Features Comparison: Lightroom vs Photoshop

Several features are unique and separate for each of them, Lightroom vs Photoshop. But here we will discuss the most important of them. These features will help you for better use of these photo editors.

Features Of Lightroom

Lightroom VS PhotoShop

Non-destructive editing

One of the great benefits of using Lightroom is its non-destructive photo editing capability. This technique of Lightroom creates a wonderful user experience ahead of the photo editing process. They put any changes and adjustments and these precious things remain and can be back up. You can have a more wonderful work experience while using this epic feature of Lightroom. So, it enables the users to back up any changes while their editing projects.   

Lightroom VS Photoshop

Library & Develop Module

The library module is offered by Lightroom without any charges. You can use it to store your projects. Where you can import, organize, and manage your work more efficiently. You can easily sort out your images. Tools for sorting, keywording, tagging, and rating can be done. 
Develop module is something where you perform most of your editing tools.  It is one of the wonderful editing spaces where you perform several editing works such as color difference, contrast, etc.

Lightroom VS Photoshop

Presets & Select Profiles

Lightroom offers several types of Presets and Profiles. Users can easily use these Presets and Profiles templates to improve their work as well. You can easily make the wonderful outlook of your projects with just a few clicks. These Lightroom presets are pre-designed which offers several types of designs and can improve the quality of your images as well. You can also develop and create your own presets for future use. So, download the latest version and enjoy.

Premium Features of Adobe Lightroom

  • HDR & Panorama Merge
  • Asset Store
  • Video Editor & Reels Maker
  • Lightroom RAW Camera
  • Mobile and PC usability
  • Export & Sharing

What is Photoshop?

Initially, Photoshop was developed for simple photo editing purposes such as cropping, cutting, and enhancing image quality. It is one of the most powerful editing software which was originally developed by Adobe Inc. in 1990. However, after that, it grew into the most used software and is still used by several professional photo editors as well. It is also widely used by several professional artists, graphic designers, animators, publishers, architecture, and even 3D artists as well. 

One of the great benefits of using Photoshop is that you can easily do your basic photo editing process. Its basic features and tools lead to some complex editing tools as well which put more extra features into your projects as well. Among Lightroom Photoshop, if we talk about more expressive editing tools then Lightroom can be a great choice ahead of it. It can also expand your work capability, especially to improve image quality. 

In this aspect of Lightroom vs Photoshop, several photographers also use Lightroom for their initial editing purposes. They use it to enhance the illustrations, resolutions, and professionalism of these images. Its several features are unique rather than Lightroom. Some tools have more perfection as well. 

Features of Photoshop

Lightroom VS Photoshop

Filters & Effects

You can make wonderful and just extraordinary photos by using Photoshop filters and effects. There are several types of these filters. These effects help you to improve the outlook of your images.

Lightroom VS Photoshop

3D editing

Photoshop also provides some 3D basic editing tools. These 3D edits put more extra outlook to your images which enables you to add 3D elements and lightening of your images. It helps you to grow your image outlook.

Lightroom VS PhotoShop

Image Correction

It includes levels of images, correction, cropping, cutting, and proper setting of image resolution. In this way, you can amazingly improve your image by just putting these few factors. No doubt, image correction has a lot of importance.

Lightroom VS PhotoShop

Retouching Tools

Photoshop also provides some extraordinary retouching tools like healing, brush, spot healing brush, and beauty influencers. These retouching tools heavily improve the appearance of your images as well. 

Lightroom VS PhotoShop

Batch Processing

This tool enables the users to make the same copy of one project including the same design and layout. Which you can apply to several projects at the same time. It can be very beneficial in some cases.

Ending Thoughts

We hope this article will help you to make a difference between Lightroom vs Photoshop. In my suggestion, if you are a graphic designer you should use  Photoshop which is the most suitable software for you. If you want to use some basic image-improving tools, then Lightroom and its presets are very suitable options for you. Go with some basic image quality-improving techniques and then go for Photoshop for advanced imaging retouching as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yeah, in some cases it can be different but mostly Lightroom performs all the basic functions of Photoshop as well. However, for advanced functions, photoshop is a more suitable option. 

Lightroom is a more suitable option for you rather than Photoshop to make your workflow more easy.

No doubt, Lightroom is a more powerful editing software for editing purposes. However, Lightroom can be a good option for basic editing. 

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