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Lightroom vs Lightroom Classic: Key Differences in Detail [2024]

lightroom vs lightroom classic

Recently, there needs to be more clarity between Lightroom vs Lightroom Classic. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is one of the best products from Adobe. It was released in 2007. There was only one version from Adobe Lightroom at the start. Later, due to users’ needs, Adobe developed two different versions of Adobe Lightroom, known as Lightroom CC and Lightroom Classic.

Both of these new versions are unique from each other concerning different features and working models. The main purpose behind both of these is photo editing at its peak. Users use several features among these and use them to increase the quality of appearance. So, here in this article, our main concern is Lightroom vs Lightroom Classic.

What is Lightroom ( CC )?

Adobe Lightroom which is formerly known as Lightroom CC in which CC stands for Creative Clouds. It means that Lightroom CC is the latest version from Adobe which is Cloud-based and provides this feature on Mobile, Desktop, or iOS devices. This wonderful version’s availability makes it easier and more reliable for users. In this way, they can take their pictures more easily.

Lightroom CC carries one of the benefits of free cloud-based services for streamlined editing. This feature enables the users to keep their files very safely due to automatic syncing. It also enables you to share your files outside Lightroom. In this way, you can edit your photos at any time and skip them without any loss in your previous work.

This newer version from the Adobe Photoshop developing team has been marked as one of the best photo editors. It is widely used by photographers for their advanced projects as well. This new version is available for Android devices, Desktop, and iPhone. This availability of Lightroom marks it as a fantastic photo editing application. In this way, users put their work more easily.

What is Lightroom Classic?

Lightroom Classic is the actual traditional version of Adobe Lightroom which has been used for many years. This classic version of Lightroom is highly organized for Desktop users. You can make your project more easily on your desktop by using Lightroom Classic. Due to its fully optimized version, especially for desktops, Lightroom Classic provides more advanced and highly organized editing features.

One of the great benefits of using Lightroom Classic is its more precise editing model. You can edit every aspect of your photos by using the Lightroom app on your desktop. Due to more advanced editing batch processing and some other parameters, users can edit their projects within their comfort zone. Moreover, it provides the users with some other fantastic advanced features that put more professionalism into your work.

The Lightroom editing model works on the base of a catalog file-saving system. This catalog editing process enables users to edit their projects more safely. When you are editing your projects, your all content is stored within a centralized data-based. It provides more ease when you come to re-edit your projects.

Lightroom vs Lightroom Classic: Features

lightroom vs lightroom classic

Lightroom vs Lightroom Classic: Interface

The interface is one of the most important things in any software. Especially, it matters a lot to video or photo editing applications. It is the main thing that matters while doing your project as well. User experience also totally depends upon the interface and layout of any software as well.

If we talk about Lightroom Classic, provides users with a superb layout by providing superb tools to make your photos more perfect. It is more suitable if you are looking for a professional photo editor. It makes your work more perfect and wonderful as well. Lightroom Classic will be one of the best options for you. You can put in more extra things by picking a few more good tools provided by Lightroom Classic for desktop users.

Lightroom CC also provides an amazing layout and user experience for Android, iPhone, or desktop users. It permits the users to make use of this application according to their intent. You can take wonderful photos by using this application with a smooth and easy interface as well.

lightroom vs lightroom classic

Lightroom vs Lightroom Classic: Performance

The performance of any editing software matters a lot. If there is some lagging in the editing software then it can create some problems for you during the editing process. A smooth and fully optimized running software is so essential to operate your projects. Lightroom Classic is fully optimized software to deal with the editing process, especially on desktops.

Lightroom Classic is considered as generally faster than classical Lightroom. It is the better option for handling long and complex files as well. You can manage and edit your tasks in a great and better way. It creates some ease for you while handling large files.

Whereas, Lightroom CC is the most suitable option for editing software for those users, operating their projects on multiple devices as well. You can run it on your Android devices, iOS, and Desktop devices as well. But it creates some lagging while handling large files as well.

lightroom vs lightroom classic

Lightroom vs Lightroom Classic: Mobile Workflow

Lightroom CC is commonly known as one of the top-used Mobile Workflow editing software having amazing efficiency of working tools. Its operating features and tools put extraordinary editing functionality in it. That is why, it is a most suitable option for operating on multiple devices as well.

However, Lightroom Classic is not a better mobile software. It is only limited to Windows concerning functionality as well. You can experience a great workflow while using Lightroom Classic on desktops. So, you should have a clear idea of the functionality of both of these photo editors.

Lightroom vs Lightroom Classic: My Recommendation

However, everyone has individual plans and requirements regarding their work and projects. That is why, the choice between both of these softwares goes on changing. However, I would like to recommend you use Lightroom CC as one of the best photo editors having multiple functionalities. Similarly, you can also use Lightroom Classic especially when handling large file catalogs. I hope this article will help you distinguish between Lightroom CC and Lightroom Classical.


Due to its more advanced functionality, Lightroom Classic is preferred over Lightroom CC.

Lightroom Classic is the most popular version due to its more wonderful functionality on Desktops.

Many photographers start their editing journey with Adobe Lightroom. It helps to give them a good confidience and put thier work ahead of this. In this way, it creates some smoothness in their work as well.

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