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Top 7 Hidden Features of Adobe Lightroom in 2024

hidden features of lightroom

Hidden Features of Lightroom has been a great discussion while editing any project on Lightroom. Lightroom Classic is one of Adobe’s most popular products, which millions of users have used for a long time. Its classical and unique way of editing photos has raised the application very high. However, there are a lot of users who still need to learn about the top hidden features of Adobe Lightroom.

Whether you are a beginner or an expert photo editor, you must know about the hidden features of Lightroom. So that, it can lead you to make some wonderful and just extraordinary results as well. By unveiling these hidden features, you can make more advanced editing clicks within a few steps. These features are full of professionalism which creates smoothness in your projects.

If you are looking for the top hidden features of Lightroom and want to unveil them, then this article can help you. In this article, we will discuss some most used and top hidden features. These features will save you time as well.

Top 10 Quicks Tips

These are the top 10 quick tips that every Lightroom user should be aware of and use.

  • By double-clicking, you can make reset as default.
  • In Library Module hit G for GRID VIEW and E for LOUPE.
  • To reset all sliders, hold ALT over any panel.
  • Right-click over any panel to enable solo mode.
  • Use Cntrl + or – to zoom in or out.
  • Hit F for “Full-Screen Mode”
  • Hit L for “Lights off”.
  • Tap the V key to toggle the image to white & black quickly.
  • Click the previous button to get the last edited settings.
  • Make use of all ALT short keys.

Top Hidden Features of Lightroom

Targeted Adjustment Tool

One of the essential and most important hidden features of Lightroom is how to target specific adjustments. It enables the users to make their editing process quick and advanced. By using this feature, you can simply drag your images and put any element into your photo. In this way, this option creates more smooth editing ways for users.

There is a circular icon at the top of the Tone Curve in the development module. Mentioned as HSL/COLOR or B&W Panel. Now, you should click on this icon which enables you to just drag on any part of the image.

hidden features of  lightroom

Solo Mode

You must keep your work so organized and advanced particularly when editing any large projects. Now, Solo Mode is another hidden feature of Lightroom. This feature enables the users to make their projects in an organized way. It creates a more authentic and adjusted way of editing any project.

To make use of this feature, just click on the right side of any panel header at the develop module. It shows you the context menu. There is a “solo mode” option. Just select it and enjoy its function.

hidden features of lightroom

Before & After View

Before and after views have great importance while editing any project in Adobe Lightroom. By using this wonderful hidden feature of Lightroom, you can easily make changes, preview and modify your project several times.

To make use of this feature, press the backslash key () to make perfect use of it. Another key “Y” also enables you to see side by side-by-side comparisons of your editing project concerning before & after views.

hidden features of lightroom

 Auto Mask & Adjustment Brush

Auto masking is one of the fantastic hidden features of Lightroom. If you want to see adjustments on any selective or specific targeted area of your project then auto masking is the best option for you. In this way, it makes more easier and smoother editing experience. 

There is an option “ Adjustment Brush “ on the development module. Select the adjustment Brush and tick the auto mask option. In this way, select the desired area, you want to apply auto masking.

hidden features of lightroom

Soft Proofing

This hidden feature of Lightroom is more interesting for you especially when you are going to print your photos. This feature helps you to see the printing results in the form of a virtual print before the last physical print. 

To make use of this wonderful feature, select “SOFT PROOFING” in the developing module.

hidden features of lightroom

Profile Browsing

This wonderful feature from Adobe Lightroom brings several different types of creative profiles with different looks. You can browse several profiles and select the one that suits you best for your pics. 

There is a four squares icon on the top of the basic panel in the developing module. Click on this icon and browse unlimited profiles.

Why Hidden Features of Lightroom?

We have explored some most famous and fantastic hidden features of Lightroom. We hope this article will help you to make use of these wonderful features in a more advanced way. Due to this superb feature, Adobe Lightroom has gained so much fame in the world of Photography.

By exploring these hidden features of Lightroom,  you will experience more modern and advanced tricks to enhance your work. This is a great opportunity for users which is freely provided by Adobe Lightroom. So, gonna make use of this fantastic feature and enjoy your editing time.

Frequently Asked Question

To make use of the top hidden features of Lightroom, visit our official site lrmodapks.com, and explore them. These features will boost your editing experience.

Solo Mode is the perfect feature of Lightroom which enables users to keep their work so organized and simple.

Lens Correction enables the automatic fixation of the lens distance based upon your cameras.

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