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Lightroom vs Darkroom: Detailed Comparison [2024]

Lightroom vs darkroom

This article will discuss Lightroom vs Darkroom, their ultimate features, and Pros and Cons. Both of these software are used for photo editing purposes. We will also discuss the proper use of their features and tools. If you find a proper comparison between these two photo editors then you have landed on the right site. You will also find proper guidance for picking between these two editors, Lightroom vs Darkroom.

Nowadays, several people are searching for proper and superb photo editing software for their projects or images improving. Both of these Software are also widely used for photo editing purposes. You can use either Lightroom or Darkroom to improve the quality of your images for yourself as well as for your client’s projects. The proper use and implementation of this software can lead to more fantastic results.

Here, I will add that both these, Lightroom vs Darkroom photo editor also charge some subscriptions to unlock their premium features. However, you can easily use their free features as well. The use of these free features can also make some great outputs. You can make use of these basic features to make the wonderful appearance of your projects as well. So, our main discussion will also be around the features of these two photo editors.

What is Darkroom Photo Editor?

Darkroom is one of the great photo editing software developed by macOS. It can be easily used to improve and enhance the shortages of any type of image. The darkroom is specially developed for iOS and iPad devices. On these devices, it runs very smoothly and perfectly. Darkroom provides some wonderful features such as adjustments, effects, filters, color adjustment, and selective editing processes. Users can easily achieve professional results by using its amazing features.

Darkroom is widely used by iPhone users to make their images more awesome. It uses the techniques of Artificial intelligence to make use of its premium features and use them for image-enhancing purposes. By using a wide range of perfect and amazing features, you can turn your dull images into perfect ones. It drives your images by providing a smart camera and turning quick results as well. Images will be improved in a great and smooth way.

Keep in mind that the Darkroom can be only used on iPhone devices. If you are an Android phone user, unfortunately, you can not use this superb photo editor as well. Now, we will discuss some perfect dominant features of Darkroom.

What is Lightroom?

Lightroom is a popular photo editing application which is developed by Adobe. It is one of the quality photo editors to enhance the outlook and appearance of images as well. Its premium features can improve the outlook and appearance of your pics up to an extreme level. It carries some fantastic features that make it a separate unique editing application. That is why, still it is considered one of the great Adobe editing products.

If you are going to make your photo more attractive and awesome then Adobe Lightroom will be a better option. By using several free Lightroom filters and effects you can add more awesome results to your projects. Lightroom Presets is another great opportunity for you to benefit from it. By using different types of these presets you can put more professionalism to your photos.

Moreover, you can use Lightroom for both Android and Desktop devices. Having more simpler and smoother interface creates more ease for its users as well. Lightroom Classic is another effective version of Adobe Lightroom which puts more perfection to your projects as well.

lightroom vs darkroom

Lightroom vs Darkroom: User Interface

Lightroom provides a simple and easy-to-use user interface with remarkable proper functioning features. Its availability to Android devices, iOS, and desktop devices makes it more easier option for users to get more effective results. Its interface includes modules for the library, Developer Map, book, print, and web image designs as well.

With the availability of a proper and simple user interface, Darkroom provides an effective way of user interface. Its functionality produces more outstanding results when we effectively make use of it. It provides a more clean and advanced user interface. Sidebar provides more greater user experience while editing your projects as well.

lightroom vs darkroom

Lightroom vs Darkroom: Perfect Editing Tools

In this comparison of Lightroom vs Darkroom, Adobe Lightroom provides some wonderful photo editing tools effectively. You can make use of these tools and features to enhance the outlook of your images. By using several types of photo editing features, there you can add some perfect reflections to your project. The more you explore Lightroom the more you get awesome results in the format of visual appearance. 

Darkroom is also a great choice for making some good outputs. Its functionality includes a variety of editing features such as adjustment, exposure, saturation, color correction, and sharpness. It also provides non-destructive editing and allows users to save and edit files at any time.

lightroom vs darkroom

Lightroom vs Darkroom: Pricing and subscription

If someone finds no great editing experience with the free version of Lightroom and darkroom then this software also provides subscription models based on weekly or monthly payments. Although there are basic enough features in the free version if still users want to add premium features then they would have to pay for a subscription.

The subscription model of Lightroom vs Darkroom varies from package to package but it carries some wonderful and effective features to be used. By using these premium features, you can put more extraordinary results into your projects as well. Now, it depends upon you which type of package you want to buy.

Lightroom Pros & Cons


  • Fully access / Non-destructive Editing
  • Perfect Organizational Capabilities
  • Free Adobe Cloud Flare
  • Wonderful Presets


  • Steep Learning Graph
  • Limited Editing Tools
  • Performance Issues
  • Need Subscription

Darkroom Pros & Cons


  • Learns Traditional Techniques
  • Updated Effects & Filters
  • Smooth user interface
  • Creative Control


  • Complex use of tools
  • Limited Free Features
  • Controlled Editing
  • Takes Extra Time

Lightroom vs Darkroom: My Recommendations

According to my own experience and field of interest, Lightroom is a more suitable software to keep your projects shining and professional. You can also keep Darkroom as a secondary option but still, it can not take the place of Lightroom. If you want software with premium features having a low subscription and clear use of it, then always go for Lightroom. Moreover, everyone can make their decision according to their requirements and interests.

So, I hope this article (Lightroom vs Darkroom) will help you to make a better decision between these two photo editing software. If you need any questions or confusion related to this article then do not hesitate to comment below.


Due to the non-destructive editing technology of Lightroom, it is the preferred photo editor over darkroom.

The darkroom is highly preferred for basic and initiative editing purposes with a simple and very clean user interface.

Yeah, both of these photo editors provide some limited free-of-cost photo editing features. You can use these features to make your photos more professional.

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