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Lightroom Old Versions [Mod APK All Free Versions] for Android [2024]

lightroom old versions

Adobe Lightroom Old Versions has a huge reputation due to its fantastic premium editing features. Nowadays, Lightroom photo editor is widely used on a big scale. Millions of users are editing and putting professionalism into their projects using new updated features from Adobe Lightroom. If you have not yet used this powerful editing application, you should try it. Its outstanding features enable users to create eye-catching photos. In this way, you can put a brand look so easily.

Adobe Lightroom keeps on updating new features among its old versions. Due to these newly updated features, some users have bad experiences and difficulties while using these new features. That is why, in this article, we will provide you with some famous old versions of Adobe Lightroom Mod Apk. We will also discuss all the fantastic features related to these versions. By using these amazing tools, you can make your projects more handsome and accessible.

All of these old and new updated versions are available on this site our site. You can download any of these old or updated versions and enjoy the wonderful features of your interest. To make your work easier, you should read carefully the next information about these Lightroom old versions.

Why Adobe Lightroom Old Versions?

If you feel some bad experience or inconvenience while using the newly updated features of Adobe Lightroom. Then you can also use these old versions according to your own will.

Specifications of Lightroom Old Versions

lightroom old versions

Utilize Previous Capabilities

Every developing team tries to put out more extraordinary updated features in the latest versions. These updated versions not only need more operative systems but also replace the old features with newly updated features. Users with limited budget concerns can not update their older operating systems. They also can not use some of the old features of their interest as well.

In this way, by using old versions of Adobe Lightroom, you can get rid of this operating system problem. These old versions also provide you with those older features in the previous versions as well. So, you can get those removed or lost features by using these old versions which are no longer available in the latest versions. So, it will be more reliable and beneficial for you, if you have a great grip on these old tools from Adobe Lightroom Old versions Mod APK.

lightroom old versions

Suitable For Legacy Android Devices

Lightroom old versions are very suitable for those people who can not afford more budget to make their operative system. As we know, technology companies are growing rapidly day by day. That is why, you must have to keep updated your operating system to make it run on your old devices. If you can not make you as updated then you can not also get benefit from these latest features as well.

Similarly, the developing team of Adobe Lightroom keeps updating the latest features. In this way, you must have a good device with a capable operating system that can run its latest version so easily. If you can not afford it, then the old version is one of the great options for you. You can use these old versions with your current operating system.

lightroom old versions

No Bugs

In rare cases, Adobe Lightroom Old Versions with the latest updated versions brings some bugs as well as the whole interface with new ones. This thing brings a huge problem for users. It causes inconvenience during their workflow. No doubt, updates are also necessary to keep things updated and work smoothly. But sometimes these updates may cause serious problems related to bug fixes.

So, having old versions of Adobe Lightroom never brings such type of hurdles during your work on new projects as well. It enables you to keep avoiding new fixes having some serious bugs as well. In this way, you can continue your workflow without facing any problems related to these new updates as well.

lightroom old versions

Sustainable Consumptions

Although, new updated versions of Adobe Lightroom need to bring more advanced features and smooth layouts. These versions need more consumption of resources as well. Mostly, the new updated versions need more RAM consumption and more space in your device.  It is also a bug problem for those users having fewer storage devices.

Adobe Lightroom’s old version also brings the solution to this problem as well. Using the old version never needs more storage and space in your device. You keep continuing your work without any problem.

Adobe Lightroom Old Versions: Pros & Cons


  • More Operative on old devices
  • Fewer Storage Consumptions
  • Availability of old features
  • Brings old famous tools
  • Less File Size


  • No Latest Features
  • Limited Support
  • Security Risks
  • No updates

My Recommendation:

However, everyone has their own recommendations based on their requirements and preferences. Honestly, I will recommend you keep your device’s system up-to-date so that you can easily use new upcoming enhanced features from Adobe Lightroom’s old versions. As technology is growing rapidly, It will be better for you to keep updated with the next phase of improvements. If, you can’t keep your device operating system updated then feel calm with the old versions and continue your work smoothly. 


Yeah, these old versions are still available. You can simply download it from this site lrmodapks.com

These old versions are free of cost with their legacy and compatible features. 

Yeah, these old versions of Lightroom are free of any bugs and errors and can be easily used without any worry. 

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