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How to use Motion Blur Lightroom Ptesets? Detailed Explanation [2024]

motion blur lightroom

Motion Blur Lightroom is one of the highly used Lightroom effects that put more extraordinary potential into your photos used in creative photography. In Lightroom motion blur is a technique that is used to blur images to influence their outlook in a great way. It is an effect in which the background of any image is blurred like portraying a stream in several images. In this article, we will cover all the important things about Motion Blur Lightroom.

In this era of photography, everyone tries to make more wonderful and eye-catching images. For this purpose, they use several types of photo editors to make their results outstanding. In this competition of photo editing, Lightroom provides you with one of the greatest and most awesome effects. Motion Blur Lightroom is one of the great effects among top Lightroom effects. It puts outstanding stunts into your images as well.

What is the Motion Blur Lightroom Preset?

As it is clear from its name Motion Blur Lightroom is some type of technique by Adobe Lightroom which puts a blurry effect in the background of your images. These images are specified while motioned or speed-organized captured events. It puts an eye-catching effect while putting into motion full images. It is especially more beneficial for those images where there is movement captured. But motion is not as apparent or dynamic as desired.

While using the Motion Blur Effect, you need a more effective and clean photo with something running or within motion behind your image. This effect is specially organized for images in motion and makes their background blurry. So. it is a must for you to have something in motion in your background. In this way, you can organize this Motion Blur Lightroom effect more effectively and superbly.

You need something like shutter speed just behind your image which can enhance this effect more in a great way. Keep in mind, that you also have to keep a long exposure time to keep this Motion Blurr effect in the best way. So, its most suitable effect is to stimulate the movement of motion in an image. Below, we will discuss some wonderful tips to make use of this effect effectively.

Features of Motion Blut Lightroom?

motion blur lightroom


The Motion Blur Lightroom presets enable you to keep more suitable and perfect motion adjustments in your photos. You must keep things clean and neat to implement the motion blur effect wonderfully. For this purpose, adjusting different aspects while using this effect is important. You would have to keep the intensity of these presets more understandable so that their implementation results are awesome. That is why, you would have to adjust these patterns in a well-organized way before its implementation.

motion blur lightroom

Angle Implementation

The direction of motion lightroom presets matter a lot. Angle implementation is so important while using any type of preset or effect. This helps you to keep things more attractive and awesome. If you can not adjust the correct angle of any filter or effect while your photo editing then it can not result in professional things. So, angle implementation matters a lot.

motion blur lightroom

Highlight Smoothing & Coloring

You are feathering this preset concern with softened edges of the motion blur Lightroom Presets. This helps you to take more organized natural photos. Highlighting the smoothness of any images helps you put more beauty and professionalism into your photos. It controls halos around high-contrast edges as well. 
Choosing a more suitable color among different types of colors matters a lot. You must choose such type of color which suits more to your image as well.

Method of use:

The implementation of Motion Blur Lightroom Presets matters a lot. You should follow these few steps to make use of this preset in a great way.

  • Step 1: In the first step, you should have to import your image into Lightroom.
  • Step2: Go to the develop module and enter this section by clicking on the Develop Tab”
  • Step 3: Go to the right-hand side, to navigate the effects panel on the Develop section.
  • Step 4: Adjust the intensity of Motion Blur Lightroom presets according to your requirements. Here, you can increase or decrease its intensity as you wish.
  • Step 5: If you want to adjust the angle and direction, use it.
  • Step 6: In the next step, you should soften the edges.
  • Step 7: Adjust some other parameters like Highlight, coloring, smoothness, etc,
  • Step 8: In the final step, you should preview this editing process, and make changes if you find something not suitable. Finally, apply it to make your photo like Motion Blur.

Additional Tips

motion blur lightroom

Specific Application

Lightroom also provides you an opportunity to put this wonderful Motion Blur Lightroom preset on any specific area of your image. So, the availability of this option makes your experience more effective and wonderful. This wonderful functionality from Lightroom makes it a unique photo editor. In this way, you can use adjustment brushes or filters to isolate this wonderful effect.

motion blur lightroom

Having Real Experience

While using this amazing Lightroom effect, you can experience some wonderful handy practices like proper use of effects and filters. You should play around with your desired sliders to get this effect. In this way, you can easily put more professionalism into your photos to make them more eye-catching. If you do not agree with the final results then you can also undo them.

Final Thoughts

I hope this article will be beneficial for you to get details and use patterns about Motion Blur Lightroom. This Lightroom preset is so eye-catching that you can easily take professional photos by using them with simple steps. Its perfect effects and layout having more effective filters increase the visualization of your projects easily.


You can easily use Motion Blut Lightroom Presets free of cost.

Using Motion Blur Lightroom presets, you can simply make the motion blur of any photo within a few seconds.

Yeah, these presets are available with several types of amazing filters and effects. By using these, you can take a professional photo.

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