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Top Best Lightroom film presets free Download[2024]

film lightroom presets

There are varieties of Lightroom film presets with several new and modern effects according to the new advanced intent of users. Adobe Lightroom always provides some effective updated presets from time to time. Some of these updates are relevant to most users and may not be relevant to some users. Similarly, Adobe  Lightroom always brings new and advanced presets with updated wonderful filters and effects. Whatever, there is the type of these presets, Lightroom always provides something exciting and relevant to its users.

No doubt, every user tries to find out most interesting and wonderful Lightroom Presets to put more advancement in their work. In this way, they try several Lightroom presets with a variety of filters and effects as well. Here, we will provide you best of film Lightroom Presets having more epic and suitable styles. By using these film presets you can put more advancement in your projects as well. The advanced and updated functionality of these presets provides the users with more confidence. 

In this article, we will explore some of top best Film Lightroom Presets. We will also discuss their specifications, and method of using these presets. If you are searching for top Lightroom Film Free Presets, then this article is gonna beneficial for you. 

Why Lightroom Film Presets?

Several photographers want to adopt a real film look in their photos which is not too easy work. Real film work needs too much time and can be a difficult task, especially for newbies. It also needs a well-organized environment with wonderful background scenery. Hence, adopting a real film look can be a big challenge for you. That is why, several photographers still prefer Lightroom film presets to adopt these results so easily. 

By using these Lightroom film presets you can get these results so easily within a few steps. These presets save you time and within a few steps you get the results according to your desire. Having the quality of colors, tones, and contrast, film presets bring a more advanced film look to the photographers. Instead of making adjustments in different aspects, these presets bring a pre-settled combination of different contrasts as well. 

Although, there are unlimited Lightroom film presets, here we will provide you with the top and most used Lightroom Film presets. You can preview and choose the presets among the following ones and use the one that you like most in your projects. 

Preset#01- Spectra

lightroom film presets free


Lightroom film presets

Presets#03-Viva 665

film lightroom presets

Preset#04-Dark Dream

Lightroom film presets

Why do photographers prefer Film Look?

Having a film look in the photos and images has been a great interest among several photographers as well. The film’s look provides a more advanced and fantastic outlook on the results. Similarly, filmmaking has a great role when shooting any wedding, family, commercial, or lifestyle photography. Hence, photographers prefer digital photography to get more aesthetic and advanced results as well. This digital photography can make your shooting more amazing and interesting.

Moreover, when we talk about a film look in photography, it is very clear that it brings a lot of superb photos as well. It also brings a dynamic range of different colors, contrasts, and a greater range of tones as well. This enables the users to get a variety of different results that vary from one contrast to another. Hence, several photographers prefer to use a film look in their images as well. 

Specifications of Film Lightroom Presets?

Lightroom film presets provide several specifications and features according to every useable aspect created by different. Here, we will discuss one of the most advanced specifications which can also help you to sort out these film presets.

Brand Film Look

As it is clear from its name these lightroom presets mainly come with different types of film outlooks having quality of background and contrast. Each type of film preset varies with different brand colors, tones, filters, and effects. Every preset presents a wonderful appearance, and you can make wonderful photos for your audience as well. These varieties also vary from one creator to another. There are following famous brand film looks, 
Kodak Portra
Fuji Provia
Koda chrome
Llford HP5
FujiFilm Velvia
And many more,

lightroom film presets

Lightroom Compatibility

It is one of the great benefits of using Lightroom presets that all of these presets are fully compatible with Adobe Lightroom. As we know, Adobe Lightroom is one of the most popular products from Adobe. It is a widely used photo editor by several photographers to enhance the quality of their projects. So, all of these presets are fully associated with Lightroom, hence their editing and using process is so simple and smooth. Similarly, these presets are fully accessible on both Mobile and Desktop versions of Adobe Lightroom.  

Colors Grading

The combination of colors always matters a lot, especially in this matter of Lightroom Presets. If there is no better combination of these colors then results will not be so good. Hence, a better combination of these colors makes your work more smart and just perfect. Film Lightroom Presets always provide a perfect combination of colors which can make your projects more smart and bright. Remember, always choose such types of Presets that have a better combination with your images as well. It will help you to get more professional results. 

film lightroom presets

Special Effects & Filters

Professional photography always depends upon the availability of the most suitable effects and filters. Although there are unlimited numbers of different effects and filters film lightroom presets always provide some fantastic results. These grain effects add more textures and characters to images. Moreover, you can easily adjust and customize these Effects and filters to make your results more fantastic. Lightroom Film Presets provide users with unlimited superb filters and effects. The better combination of these effects depends upon you. Having good judgment always matters a lot. 

How to use Film Lightroom Presets?

  • First of all, you should have to select suitable and perfect Lightroom Film Presets from collections.
  • After selecting the presets, click on “import this preset”.
  • Once, the preset is imported you should also import your desired photo.
  • Then apply the selected preset for your project.
  • You should customize the settings of your selected presets if it is needed. 
  • Now, you should preview these changes in your project.
  • Finally, save and export it.


I hope this article will be beneficial for you while editing your photos with Film Lightroom Presets. These presets are fully supported by Adobe Lightroom, hence their quality and outlook always bring something more awesome for your projects. You should always choose a better combination of these presets with your project to get more fantastic results as well. So, don’t waste time making wonderful images to grab more audience and get superb results within just a few moments.


You can make film-like photos in Lightroom by following just a few steps.

  • Choose the best film Lightroom presets.
  • Import the preset and your photo.
  • Make adjustments.
  • Apply & Preview
  • Finally, save and export your image. 

These filmy presets can be easily adjustable and customized according to the user’s well and requirements. 

Adobe Lightroom always provides users with wonderful and just awesome Presets. These presets are available in different formats. Moreover, you can easily take wonderful photos by using Lightroom Presets. 

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